The Biggest Coaching Event in Portugal!

MomentUM Portugal is the biggest Coaching and Personal Development event ever, held in Portugal.
in Portugal.

The presence of the best lusophone speakers of today and prominent international guests,
guarantees an absolutely transformative day.

What for?

So that through the best examples, sharing and unique and exclusive tools of NLP and coaching, you can raise your potential and motivation and achieve even bolder goals and targets.

For who?

Entrepreneurs, leaders, directors, politicians, coaches, athletes, therapists, coaches, HR specialists, teachers, students and anyone else who wants to grow, have a better life and make a difference.

Why is that?

When the motive and reason for moving forward and achieving your goals are greater than the obstacles along the way, no matter where you are, you can overcome the challenges and achieve Maximum Results.

When and where?

September 7th, 2019, in the country's most emblematic and charismatic concert hall - Campo Pequeno.
Countries [Speakers]
Continents [Speakers]
Who's going to speak?

MomentUM brings together on the same stage, and for the first time, the largest School of Coaching in the world, in the representation of the incomparable José Roberto Marques, president of the IBC; and the best European and national speakers of today, with the presence of the Giant Ricardo Mendoza, the only European who follows personally, and for over ten years, one of the greatest influencers of the 21st century – Anthony Robbins.

Some of the most respected European and Portuguese coaches in his area of activity will also be present, whether in Relationships, Business Sector, Sports, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence or Body Language.

José Roberto Marques - Presidente do IBC Coaching - Momentum Portugal

José Roberto Marques

[IBC Coaching President]
Ricardo Mendoza - Momentum Portugal

Ricardo Mendoza

[President of RM Lda.]
Max Piccinini - SuccessMax - MomentUM Portugal

Max Piccinini

[#1 Success Coach]
Lidija M Rosati - MomentUM Portugal

Lidija M Rosati

[Global Transformational Speaker]
Nazário Vilhena - Gestor, Consultor e Coach no Ministério da Administração do Território de Angola

Nazário Vilhena

[Master Coach]
Gerry McKinney - Tony Robbins - MomentUM Portugal

Gerry McKinney

[Master Trainer]
Enhamed Enhamed - MomentUM Portugal

Enhamed Enhamed

[Coach & Motivational Speaker]
Beatriz Rubio - CEO da RE/MAX Portugal e fundadora do Motiva-te

Beatriz Rubio

[CEO of RE/MAX Portugal]
Mário Caetano - Coach & Palestrante Inspirador

Mário Caetano

[Coach & Inspiring Speaker]
Núria Mendoza - Meraqi - Momentum Portugal

Núria Mendoza

[Lifestyle Coach at MERAQI]
Jorge Sequeira - Momentum Portugal

Jorge Sequeira

[Motivational Speaker]
Paula Trigo - Momentum Portugal

Paula Trigo

[NLP Trainer]

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This is the MomentUM to take the lead in your personal and professional life.
Do you choose to be a prisoner of the past or an architect of the future?

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[Where will it happen?]
Campo Pequeno

Campo Pequeno as a multipurpose space allows to receive shows and events with the participation of 300 to 9 thousand people.

[Under Update]
What's going to happen?

08h00 - 08h59


08h59 - 09h10

Opening Session
Giants Contest

09h10 - 09h30

Coaching Entrepreneurship

09h30 - 10h15

1st Speaker

10h15 - 11h00

2nd Speaker

11h00 - 11h10

Break Time
(Video or Entertainment)

11h10 - 12h00

3rd Speaker

12h00 - 13h00

Elite Coaching & Relationships

13h00 - 14h29


14h29 - 15h50

"Best in Europe" Panel

15h50 - 16h00

Credibility & Future coaching

16h00 - 16h45

4th Speaker

16h45 - 16h55

Break Time
(Video or Entertainment)

16h55 - 19h00

5th Speaker
Special International Invited Session

19h00 - 19h20

Closing Session
An Unseen Ending