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Paula Trigo

NLP Trainer
Xpand Pro
(+351) 917 427 410

About the Speaker

Passionate about people, organizations, transformation, innovation and creativity, she drives continuous learning and academic passages through the world of Law, International Management, Educational Technologies, and is a PhD student in Adult Education.

She has been connected to the corporate world in executive management positions in Portugal and abroad for almost 30 years and has always had an enormous passion for managing people and motivating teams.

In 2014, she founded Xpand Pro, a brand that is aligned with the new paradigm of work and human development, where she is CEO, Speaker, Executive Coach and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, also having additional qualifications as Master in Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy and as International Consultant for Cultural Transformation in Organizations.

More than working with Human Resources, she believes she contributes to a society with more and more HUMANS with RESOURCES.


More info: https://xpand.pt/formador/paula-trigo/

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