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Mário Caetano

Coach & Inspiring Speaker
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About the Speaker

Mário Caetano was born in 1973, in Lisbon, and is a certified life coach since 2006 and a practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and timeline therapy, among others. Until the third year he attended the course of Banking and Insurance Management, having given up at the age of 21, when he decided to discover what he truly loved and the greatest meaning for his life.

Since 2008, when he became an entrepreneur, coach and professional speaker, he has inspired thousands of people to unlock and overcome incredible problems and make important decisions in their relationships and careers that have changed and transformed their lives forever. It has helped them discover a purpose for what they do and find a greater meaning to their existence.

Mário Caetano’s life, which went bankrupt several times as an entrepreneur, is an example of how it is possible to overcome enormous obstacles and make dreams come true.

His life purpose is to help people find their way and create a life that will make them come true and fulfilled.

When he’s not inspiring people and companies through his coaching sessions, trainings, online programs, lectures and retreats, Mario travels the world with his family, runs through the mountains with his dogs, writes, breeds and appreciates Nature.

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