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Enhamed Enhamed

Coach & Motivational Speaker

About the Speaker

  • One of the best Spanish coaches of our time;
  • 9 Paralympic medals;
  • Writer.

When I went blind, I learned to visualize life with my mind. I decided I wanted to swim, so I was forced to get to know myself, investing time and sacrifice, to understand individual and teamwork.
I won 38 medals for Spain. As a top-level sportsman, I won an Ironman, ran the Spartan Race, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and swam across the Straits of Gibraltar.
Today, I am a motivational speaker and I want to help you know your limits, so that you can overcome them and achieve the goals you want.

Every goal I reach is a step up to continue on the path. That’s how a top-level athlete thinks, and that’s exactly what I explain to the companies that hire me – there are no limits, beyond those we set ourselves.
Once the goal is reached, success is to find another and fight to overcome it.

When I stop to think “how far I’ve come,” my path will be over.
I always think about my next challenge and train my body and mind to overcome it.
Sport is like life, if you lower your guard, you will be hit. The best challenge is to have a goal wheel, like in cycling, overcome it and start again. I want you to understand that if I can, you can.

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