Of the various initiatives led by Ricardo Mendoza, which revolve around the contribution of the most diverse causes, MomentUM Portugal will be part of an effective and practical response to one of the biggest national disasters experienced in 2018.

In Monchique, countless animal species have lost their lives and habitats, dozens of people have been injured and dozens have seen their life’s possessions burn in a fire that consumed some 27,000 hectares – the equivalent of some 27,000 football fields!

As this same area has already been severely affected, with the same intensity in 2003, and the solutions of local entities are still insufficient and inconsistent to reverse and correct a catastrophe of this magnitude, MomentUM Portugal was prepared to assume Leadership and move on to Mass Action!

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In this context, and with the unconditional and valuable support of the non-profit association Demos, the Monchique municipality and Altice Portugal, the decision was taken to create an active contribution fund. Thus, 5% of MomentUM’s total revenue will automatically revert to the reforestation of the Serra de Monchique in the Algarve.

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