MomentUM 2020

MomentUM is the largest personal development event held in Portuguese, whose objective is to inspire, uplift and empower the Portuguese-speaking community, with a view to personal and business success and achievement in the current context.

In 2020, the pandemic context and the global strike brought even more bold ideas and a voracious desire to be even more daring.

Thus, a new MomentUM emerges.

An event in digital format, with exclusively Portuguese-speaking Influencers and Leaders and a worldwide strategy.

What for?

The 2nd Edition of MomentUM, structured in two parts: 1. Values and Identity of the Portuguese Language, 2. Coaching & MindSet WINNER. As Purpose to redirect and transform: FEARS - COURAGE, LIMITATIONS - EXPANSION and CONFLICTS - COOPERATION. Awakening enthusiasm, confidence and faith in the future in citizens and companies, which so characterizes Lusophone blood.

For what?

To inspire thousands or even millions of people and organizations, to understand that with their individual and collective power and their determination they can transform all the circumstances of their lives. MomentUM will thus contribute to the creation of a New Collective Mentality and a new cycle of Human Empowerment.

Why is that?

Especially because we believe in the power of the Portuguese Language and the Union. We believe that the sharing of positive experiences and solid knowledge, directly influences those who do not resign themselves and seek a better future.

When and where?

November 21th, 2020, Online.


To reach all citizens of the world who speak the Portuguese language and who, through their knowledge and human development, intend to contribute to the construction of a better tomorrow with more Giant Humans.


Contribute so that the Lusophone Countries easily overcome the challenges to come, appearing economically stronger and with happier citizens.
MomentUM Portugal

Support to the Food School Program “Refeição Quente” in Cape Verde.

“Bola para TODOS” program, providing all Cape Verdean schools with a professional soccer ball, creating a simple moment of happiness for children.

Secure your seat, NOW!


In this 2nd Edition, we will count once again, with the presence of the creator of MomentUM, international Master Trainer and Maximum Results Specialist – Ricardo Mendoza, and his international partner and market leader, José Roberto Marques – President of IBC. The panel also includes prominent national and international speakers and guests, which guarantee an unprecedented event and an absolutely unique and unforgettable day.

José Roberto Marques - Presidente do IBC Coaching - Momentum Portugal

José Roberto Marques

[IBC Coaching President]
Ricardo Mendoza - Momentum Portugal

Ricardo Mendoza

[President of RM Lda.]
Nazário Vilhena - Gestor, Consultor e Coach no Ministério da Administração do Território de Angola

Nazário Vilhena

[Master Coach]
Tim Vieira

Tim Vieira

[CEO da Special Edition (Africa) & Bravegeneration (Europe)]
Teresa Guilherme

Teresa Guilherme

[Television presenter]

Catarina Furtado

[Television Presenter]
Pioneers 2019

This is the MomentUM of taking the lead in your personal and professional life.
Do you choose to be a prisoner of the past or an architect of the future?

MomentUM We Are Different

Companies and groups with more than 20 people:



  • Watch free live.


  • Watch the event via zoom with direct interaction.


  • Watch event via zoom;
  • Coaching session or consulting company;
  • Access to VIP room exclusive speakers;
  • MomentUM 2019 offer complete recording of the event.
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IBC – Instituto Brasileiro de Coaching